We love to get involved with our community… Here are some of the ways we do that.

  • Volunteered for a presentation, for Scout pack 137 where we taught the kids about, robots, and how to be safe around them, the kids seemed very interested and asked a ton of questions!
  • Hosted two open houses, the first one reached 50 local people, the second one, reached 100 local people! That is how we recruited one of our newest members!
  • Attended Maker Faire where we reached over 2,000 people across Tulsa!
  • Attend Tinkerfest  where we reached over 3,000 people across Oklahoma!
  • Volunteered at an FLL Qualifier, where we had an impact, and reached 22 FLL teams, across the state of Oklahoma!
  • Volunteered at Oklahoma FLL State where we reached, and had an impact on 34 teams!
  • Attend a Robot Presentation at Exodus Homeschool Resource Center and reached between 30-40 local people!