When attending robotics events we are often approached and questioned as to the origin of our rather unique name that we have. Due to the frequency of which we are questioned about this we figure we might as well get the whole thing written out in the notebook so here you go.

We were assigned our team number when the team was set up and our former leader David Fournet decided that it would be worth a google search to see associations with the number 11572. 

Many people wonder about how anybody could possibly come up with the name “Mouse Spit” and be in the right state of mind. So, here’s our brief explanation for you! If you google 11572 and take out all the zip codes, you get Cysteine Rich Secretory Protein 3 (CRISP-3), which is a fancy way of identifying a protein in the saliva of a common house mouse (Mus musculus). While the name Mouse Spit was not an immediate fan favorite amongst the team members as the name for the new team it was eventually decided that this name would be great as since it lack words like robo, circuit, and gear it would stand out to the eyes of those who saw it both making it stand out and make people ask questions about it which will make them remember our name.